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HOUSTON, TX – It was a matter of time before this promising company found their way into the advertising world. It was their mission to learn new industries from ground up and create the business models of the future.

“If I were to sign an ad deal as an influencer for a big brand, I would get paid once and then I’d do what they say. In this case, we were able to partner with these companies in a way that gives us creative freedom and still allows us to do business with all the brands we respect.” says Compound Films.

Christmas is coming up and these guys will be producing retail ads for companies like Macy’s, Lego, Sephora, Bloomingdales Australia, New Balance, and Nike Brazil. They are also awaiting confirmation letters from retailers such as Dior, UGG, Calvin Klein, Converse, Hulu, and Hilton.

It feels like the natural progression from filming music videos for influential artists to striking deals with influential brands. The great thing about producing ads for these companies are the deals they’re able to offer for products and services you see in the ads.

This is an example of what they plan to campaign and promote starting next week. This deal will also allow the company to recruit local talent via music and models for future ads. Press Play Below!

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Corpus Christi, TX – The “Flatline Conspiracy” documentary has made the rounds on social media and multiple blogs. Andy Liscano from Action 10 News heard the rumblings in the city and took notice of the heartbreaking documentary recently released about the murder of one of Corpus Christi’s notable hometown rappers.

They were notified about the ongoing petition which is currently at approximately 2000 signatures. Compound Films gave an interview about the new project and expected to air October 24, 2018. Action 10 News has decided to pick up the exclusive story and shine light on the mysterious circumstances highlighted in the documentary.

The documentary details the strange dismissal of a high profile case involving Jose Mendoza (Flatline) and a man that confronted Mendoza at a local fishing pier on a dark early morning. Jesse Wayne Taylor fired his weapon into Mendoza’s chest multiple times in a near pitch-black entrance hallway. The suspect was swiftly allowed to make a reduced bail and freely roam anywhere of his choosing. After 3 years of alleged investigative work, the family was brought in and informed that the case had been quietly dismissed.

The family objected to the decision but Assistant D.A. Matt Manning rebuttaled saying “The decision had already been made and was the best thing for the case.

Official Statement From Jose Mendoza’s Wife

“I can’t even begin to explain how disappointed we are in our justice system. The position we are in regarding the dismissal of the case regarding the death of my husband is baffling. We sat very quite and vulnerable because we thought that the DA’s office would seek justice and we were told repeatedly that they were doing everything possible to build a strong case.

Following his death for over 3 years the case was reset on the defense side, we sat in the courtroom with no resolution only to be told this was a good for our side so they could continue to investigate. After having the case for more than a year & a new DA being appointed still nothing had been done.

We met with the DA’s office on several occasions and still no witnesses were ever contacted regarding the statements that were made that night, no pictures of the pier were taken regarding the crime scene on there behalf, nothing was done! We asked if there was any reason at all they ever thought of dismissing the case to inform the family so we could discuss the matter, but this absolutely never happen.

When we discussed this with the assistant DA he said “This is what I thought was best to do and that’s the decision I made”. They seemed unphased dismissing my husband as a whole because it doesn’t affect them in any way, but it does affect us as a family.

I can’t give our children an answer as to why this individual did not face any consequences for what he did to their dad. All we ask is that they give a jury the opportunity to hear to case with all the evidence they have through time accumulated.

We have a petition online through and we would like the public to please sign it so we can pursue further action. Thank you behalf of our family, we stayed quiet for too long.”



Compound Films started it’s journey with Mexican-American viral comedian/musician “Chingo Bling”, filming small skits and music videos. At that time, they were exposed to marketing early by learning the science of “going viral”.

They would produce loosely scripted sketches and do spanish voice overs to familiar shows/movies like “Toy Story”, “Dragon Ball Z”, and “Maury”.

“You knew you had a hit if people would comment constant “quotables” from the sketch. People would get tagged to the videos, the viewers on their page would also tag people and this continued until 10 million views” 


In 2009,
Compound Films expanded into full fledge music videos and professional commercials. No one at the time was adding their own branded intros and outros to content they produced for clients. For 5 years straight, every music video that they produced opened with the Compound Films branded intro. Those artist’s became so familiar with the brand that they included it when they premiered their videos on major blogs like WorldStarHipHop.

From 2009 to 2014, the company had amassed over 300+ music videos which was unheard of at that time. As the brand circulated around the world, it led to being booked in diverse countries like Germany, Colombia, Mexico, and Japan.

“The opportunities overflowed in 2015 and ultimately led to us working with Atlantic Records platinum artist “Kevin Gates.”

In 2016,
They felt the world shifting in new directions as Youtube became Television, Soundcloud became radio, and Netflix became the new movie theatre. Later that year, Youtubers were able to chart music singles on Billboard just like signed artists.

This means that for approximately every 1000th view they were not only earning an equivalent of a record sell but were charting in the Top 10.

“This showed us that Youtubers and Music Artists had much more in common than we thought. They are both essentially content creators and self promoters. Except, one can be a zero-cost startup and the other comes with lenghty contracts and incompetent staff. “


In Mid 2017,
As things were becoming stagnant in the music industry and competing with “Free”, Compound Films was being introduced to the technology world. They could see that the future of entertainment would consist of multiple mediums in the form of an “experience”. Currently, we consume music through our headphones and stimulate only one of our senses of experience. If we plan to be cutting edge in the future we must consider things like 7D Holographic Technology and Virtual/Augmented Reality.

Imagine seeing and interacting with your favorite artist backstage or standing next to them in Virtual Reality. This technology would also mean that you wouldn’t have to leave home to get the ultimate VIP pass experience. For months, they tinkered, experimented, and developed a VR Concert Experience in top secrecy to master the technology.

“During testing, we found out that we could create 7D holograms that act and sound just like anyone on the planet using Quantum Capture Technology for around $100,000.”

Why Compound Films?

Scientists are almost never the greatest storytellers so they require people that can translate complexity into simplicity. The average attention span of persons under 35 is 1.4 seconds in between swipes. People scroll rapidly through social media feeds only stopping for things that absolutely demand attention.

This is why your company’s message must be potent, short, and sweet. Compound Films has created colorful, rich, and creative video content for multiple companies in the technology world. They have created animations, explainer videos, promo ads, cartoons, and virtual reality videos for a handful of startups.

They now work with blockchain company “” which earned them their first Bitcoin for video production services. This deal structure is the first of it’s kind and a hybrid for future business models for “forward thinking” companies like Compound Films.

“We learned that these companies are like “rappers” but in the technology world. So this made it easier to adapt to a new industry. Rappers pursue paying customers and so do companies. Most importantly, they both NEED to look GOOD on video in order to gain interest.”

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Flatline was a local hero and the face of the Corpus Christi Rap Scene. He was also a giving individual who religiously contributed value to the autism community. In his early days, some might describe Jose Jesus Mendoza as a troubled teen.

However, he was able to monetize his life lessons and apply the “know how” to his successful music venture. He went on tour with well known rapper “SPM” and other notable acts. Throughout the years he was able to attract a strong regional following in Texas and ultimately created music with professional mainstream artists.

In his personal life, he had a child that struggled with Autism but did everything to hold both worlds together. He recognized an opportunity to leverage his following to seek out answers and a community of autism awareness.

His personal life and professional life were infusing together with a new found social responsibility and quickly evolved his way of thinking. He would spend many quiet nights fishing as a way of digesting ideas he had to create a productive environment for his young autistic son.

In 2015, Jose Jesus Mendoza was found shot dead at the pier in Corpus Christi as family scrambled to find answers. Jesse Wayne Taylor also known as “Jay Tee” (his stage name) was responsible for the suspected escalation of an altercation between both parties.

According to local publications, Taylor told officers that he was invited to the fishing pier that night. He claims that he was then “ambushed“ by Mendoza and blindsided by a collective of peers he is familiar with.

He goes on to say that he wrestled for a weapon like a movie scene and gained access to a handgun. He fired the weapon into Mendoza’s chest multiple times and then says he retreated the scene. He made contact with police and revealed these fuzzy details while appearing to be shaken and disheveled. When police grew curious and suspicious he stated that he would like to “speak to his lawyer”.

The city grew frustrated with the investigation speed of local law enforcement and delivery of courthouse justice. However, when Taylor pleaded not guilty to charges of murder the case was swiftly declared “dismissed”.

The city of Corpus Christi did not erupt like it did when the incident initially took place. The media outlets did not plaster “CASE DISMISSED” all over your TV screens or social media feeds. It was almost as if someone with influence came in and cleaned things up.

Jesse Wayne Taylor went from posting aggressive rap lyrics on social media pretrial to portraying a “good ol boy” image in court. Judge Guy Williams was in the middle of other personal problems like accusations of sexual harassment, aggravated assault, and plots to secretly kill another judge.

Lets do the math, Taylor has had all of his major offenses dismissed since a child and sprinkle in a judge with legal trouble and sketchy history. To make matters worse, there is still no trace of the murder weapon Taylor used in “self defense”.

Compound Films has produced a show-all documentary of the ongoing case which highlights surprising details that the media hasn’t mentioned. Taylor’s criminal record shows that he’s gotten other serious cases dismissed in the past. Judge Guy Williams was also embroiled in multiple serious offenses himself like sexual harassment, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, and public intoxication.

This documentary also captured the full funeral of Jose Jesus Mendoza as the entire city gathered to say farewell at Memory Gardens. Criminal Attorney Joe Ray Rodriguez also contributed some insight into the case and elaborates on what he considers “odd” about the whole ordeal.

A petition has been started to collect 200,000 signatures for the reopening of Flatline’s wrongful murder case.

Please sign and share here 


To View Full Documentary (10 Min)